Strategy Overview

We offer a range of solutions designed to meet the unique needs of sophisticated investors. Many of our first-of-their-kind investment strategies are now industry standards.

Investing Across the Risk-Return Spectrum

The chart shows where across the risk spectrum our open and closed end funds appear. For Open end funds, UK Ground Lease, Retirement Real Estate, U.S. Core are considered low-risk while Mexico Industrial and U.S. Value add are considered high-risk. For Closed-end funds, European Core Plus are low-risk while European Value-Add and Mexico Value-add are considered high-risk.

Our tenured team offers its global client base a broad range of real estate equity, debt and securities investment strategies that span the risk/return spectrum.

Assets Under Management By Region/Type¹


United States $115.1B
Europe $11.9B
Agency & Other Loan Servicing $36.0B
Asia Pacific $9.7B
Latin America $3.2B
Total $175.9B

Assets Under Management By Investment Strategy¹


Equity $68.8B
Debt $71.1B
Agency & Other Loan Servicing $36.0B
Total $175.9B
Footnote section

1As of September 30, 2019, Includes gross AUM for PGIM Real Estate and PGIM Real Estate Finance. Net AUM is $153.9B and $36.0 billion assets under administration.

Open-End Funds

  • Providing broad, strategic market exposure for longer term asset allocation

Closed-End Funds

  • Focused on exploiting tactical themes and market opportunities throughout the cycle

Customized Investment Strategies

  • Catering to investors that require specific investment or reporting objectives