Our Values

At PGIM Real Estate, our values are as strong as our real estate investment heritage. Transparency and integrity are our highest commitments.

Partners Who Listen

For 49 years, PGIM Real Estate has focused on creating exceptional value for our investors and partners by uncovering new opportunities within global real estate. We have continually redefined the global real estate investing landscape by pioneering investment strategies that are now industry standards. Our pursuit of superior investment performance is backed by a stable, tenured team of real estate professionals, a demonstrated track record of transparent communications through all economic cycles, and a steadfast commitment to strategic consistency.

We believe that chasing trends rarely delivers outstanding investment performance. Our disciplined investment process and risk management are characterized by rigor and precision.

Our people are at the heart of what we do. Each of our employees plays a vital role in furthering our legacy of innovation and strengthening our culture of performance excellence.

Understanding what our clients and partners need to succeed is what drives us.